Working At ammo

Every day is a School Day

Working at Ammo means you’ll always be learning, exploring new ideas and trying new things. We learn for fun and share our lessons with others.

Licence to Experiment

“Because that’s that way we’ve always done it” is not our friend. Constantly trying new things is how we find the edge for our clients and stay ahead of our rapidly evolving market. At Ammo you're always encouraged to try out new things. Failure is good as long as we’re learning!

Grow Your Own Role

You can design your own role based on your personal strengths, interests and talents. We believe work should be enjoyable and we want you to wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead.

Radical Candour

We’re an open and honest bunch, which means you’ll always hear frank and fearless feedback. It’s all about constant improvement and it comes from a healthy place, we promise.

Work With The Coolest Clients

We’re very fortunate to be working with some of the most cutting-edge tech startups in the world. Working at Ammo means you get to help grow these companies into the next unicorn.

Use The Latest Digital Tools

We run a full stack of industry-leading software tools and are forever refining and improving our systems.

Work on Side Projects

Being a startup-obsessed agency, we like to walk the talk when it comes to lean startup, MVPs and learning. That’s why everyone is encouraged to work on their own side projects to build new products to disrupt our own business. We even pay you to work on it during work time.

Hack Days

At Ammo, we regularly set aside entire days to focus completely on solving a problem and creating a new product as a team. This is often where new side projects are kicked off.

Weekly All-Hands Sessions

Every week, the whole Ammo team gathers for an hour of power to share our latest lessons, ideas for improvements and a general chit-chat about the state of digital marketing.

Weekly 1-on-1’s

Each Ammo employee has time set aside for 1-on-1‘s with our Managing Director every week to discuss your goals, professional development and personal growth.

A Steady Stream of Ammo Merch

We're always making new Ammo merch for our team and clients. You'll never have to buy clothes again.

Monthly Team Lunches

We love a good Friday arvo pub feed in one of Perth’s many fine establishments – the bill’s taken care of.

Work From Home

We did this every second Wednesday before it was cool. We’re pretty flexible about WFH.


We're heavily involved in the Perth startup scene and regularly attend and speak at community and industry events.


Once a year, we pack up the Ammo-mobile and head for regional WA to enjoy a few days of each other’s company, Western Australia’s best beer and wine. We make big plans, set goals and get pumped for the year ahead.

We're not actively hiring at the moment, but we're always excited to hear from cool and talented people. Get in touch via

Our interview process is a bit different.

Culture is important at Ammo and we hire based on a series of real-world activities:
  • Informal coffee chat with one of the Ammo team
  • If we think you could be a good fit for the team, you’ll be invited to tackle our pitch challenge
  • Top challenge submissions will then be asked to pitch their solutions
  • Pub test over a frothy or sparkling water
  • Make a playlist for your first day