We helped Finch achieve 908% growth in active users in 6 months. They won Digital Wallet of the Year and best Financial App 2018.

Finch is the award-winning financial app for your social life, helping millennials pay friends, split bills, share tabs, request payments and stay friends. After raising a seed round and launching the app, Ammo worked with the Finch team to scale-up app installs and new user acquisition.

By taking a growth performance marketing approach to promoting Finch, Ammo discovered the best channels and optimal messaging to reach and convert thousands of new Finch users every month. Amongst its many awards, Finch won the 2018 Finnie for best Digital Wallet and the 2018 award for Best Personal Finance App.

We helped with:

  • App Install Campaigns
  • Google Display Network and Youtube
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Optimisation