Monthly Report

August 2022
LinkedIn Ads
  • Brand awareness / New website
  • Clicks - 223
  • Display impressions - 71,166
  • Average cost per click - $6.05
  • Total spend - $1,350

  • New Opimize campaign (so far)
  • Total clicks - 187
  • Marine clicks - 49
  • Mining clicks - 51
  • Natural gas clicks - 41
  • Oil & gas clicks - 46
  • Display impressions - 77,561
  • Average cost per click - $7.75
  • Total spend - $1,448.46
Demographic targeting for 4 campaigns - Who is seeing the ads and what companies do they work for?

New Google remarketing banner ads in the best performing sizes for both mobile and desktop

Blog page changes based on my copy and image recommendations in the shared bubbles document
  • Surprisingly, it's the ads that don't have the eye attracting movement of the gif app mockups that are performing marginally better in terms of clicks and click through rates with the exception of one audience - Natural gas.
  • We may have found you guys a new internal communications and content creation hire. I believe Cam will do the introduction since he knows her.
  • Ryan is in talks with Ammo about working in a proactive PR role with Rise-X. Walter has been chatting to Cam and and he is setting this up with Ryan.
Actions ahead
  • Book Ammo podcast room for content creation
  • Use videoask to gather 'DIANA is a gamechanger' testimonials
  • We should chat about setting up a Rise-X webinar as a top of funnel acquisition tactic using livestorm
  • We define a compelling topic such as decarbonization - target a specific audience that I have created, potentially have a guest speaker such as Tyler Baron from Minerva and we slide DIANA into the webinar.
  • After the webinar is over - via livestorm we send out personalised emails to the attendees as warm leads and invite them to have a chat with either Rowan or whoever is in charge of the sales process.
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