Monthly Report

August 2022

Conversions - 4

1 conversion from Google Search Ads

2 conversions from Google Organic Search

Google Search Ads
  • Clicks - 18 - Average cost per click - $8.18
  • Search impressions - 354
  • Total spend - $147.25
Google Remarketing
  • Clicks - 177 - Average cost per click - $0.77
  • Display impressions - 48, 876
  • Total spend - $136.48
LinkedIn Display Ads
  • Clicks - 168 - Average cost per click - $6.08
  • Display impressions - 57, 337
  • Total spend - $1020.86
Facebook Ads
  • Clicks -65 - Average cost per click - $4.59
  • Display impressions - 14, 023
  • Total spend - $298.31

Total spend - $1602.09


Due to the drop in website traffic from turning off Google Search ads we created a new Google search ad within the best performing Managed Services campaign and used the new image inclusion feature for the ad, which just draws the eye to Squarealpha more than other ads. I haven't seen many businesses taking advantage of this new feature yet.

Best performing keywords - business it support - it Perth -business it solutions -it support Perth - Perth IT services

Website changes to human images and the masthead image. It would be great to get sign off on whether you guys like the new video masthead for the website - it's something different to the human stock images that get around on a lot of manager services websites.

I hope you've been keeping well Ben, let's set time next week for a monthly meeting, run through everything and go through the Squarealpha booklet.

Some news that may enthuse you. We have Ryan Emory, our PR guy and Journalist coming on a bit more to help at Ammo with copywriting - lets discuss handing the document over to Ryan for completion. This is all included in our business relationship mate. Ryan can even come in and interview you and give the document the personality we're looking for in this piece of content.



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