Monthly Report

April 2023
Leads over 90 day period
  • Facebook leads - 398 - average cost per lead $23.33
  • Google search ad leads - 38 - average cost per lead $160.89
  • Total leads - 436
  • Total spend - $15,189.39
  • Leads converted into new sites - 6
  • Webinar registrations - 0

Our primary focus over the last 90 days was to improve the website journey and copy and implement Mid-funnel marketing tactics to engage potential customers who have already shown interest in Udio - via nurturing leads with new email sequences, encouraging them to take action and creating a webinar style video that introduces potential customers to the benefits of going digital with with Udio's class based management software over traditional pen and paper.

Unfortunately, these Mid-funnel tactics failed to convert any new sites over the 90 day period.

The quality of leads often gathered via coercive methods like lead magnets tends to always be extremely low. In some cases, the information in the lead magnet can become more useful than the product itself.

There is little to no brand engagement with lead magnet MQL's. The potential customer hasn't had time to digest and understand who the company is, what they've created and how it benefits them and their business before making their own decision to hit that CTA on your website and book a free consult.

If Udio was my business, I'd scrap marketing lead magnets - leads from these sources are so low value they're a minor sugar rush that feel like product validation.

Focus on gathering as many well edited video testimonials from happy customers and using those as your primary paid content - drive traffic to socials and to the new website.

Fix the website so it's editable and that the benefits and features of Udio are displayed generally and for each primary vertical.

Give content away for free on your social channels so potential customers can engage with it over time, understand the brand and influence their buyer decision making process, so when the time is right for them - Udio is their first choice.

A new flywheel needs to be created for Udio - let's discuss further today.

Actions that haven't been completed in this 90 day sprint will be better implemented in the future after the new and easily editable website has been finished- such as the referral program and UGC testimonial ads.

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