Monthly Report

March 2021


Apple search ads

Installs - 174
Average CPA reduced to $5.99 over the last 7 days

Google Play Store ads

Installs - 1,786
Average CPA - $3.70

Facebook ads

Installs - 1
New campaign still in learning phase


Although 1,786 people installed the Bamboo app that number drops a lot after the install takes place. Only 891 open the app. 140 connect their bank. 61 confirm review and actually start using the app.

61 is our true north star conversion metric.

(conversion data from Firebase)

March ideas

For top of the funnel installs we need quality video content for Facebook and Instagram ads - content that resounds with a set of personas that we really need to define in a strategy session. This content will also be used in YouTube video ads.

Example of a video ad that worked well for Finch which also had a vertical version for Facebook and Instagram stories:

15 second Influencer content promoted on Facebook, Instagram and tiktok ads.

Written content on Instagram and Facebook that assists these personas in understanding personal finance, investing, markets and so in in a format that younger people understand and find engaging and trustworthy.

Twilio sms campaigns to remind app installers to move forward with connecting their bank details to the app and start growing their money.

Book a strategy session with Ammo.

New creative for ads and trustworthy, easy to understand Instagram tiles.

Tasks Completed

Apple search Ads
Apple search ads optimisations
Google Play Store universal app store ads
Google Play Store optimisations
Facebook Canvas campaign