Monthly Report

May 2021


Data from March 1 to May 11

Total Live Demo Thankyou Enquiries:


HIA Print campaign:

56 people used the QR code from our print ads with their phones and fired the QR conversion

49 of them were first time users

13 hit's on the HIA QR landing page resulted in submitted live demo enquiries

Since the magazine came out, people are still using the QR code and visiting the page. In between April 11 and May 11 we still had 9 ongoing users. If any of these users have become paying customers, the ROI has been worth the cost of the experiment into traditional advertising, particularly with the addition of metric tracking.

Google Ads:

20 live demo enquires from Google CPC

Dynamic remarketing - 2

Banner remarketing - 1

Search Ads (East coast) - 9

Competitors (East coast) - 5

Search Ads (NZ) - 1

Competitors (NZ) - 2

Google Organic - 34

Direct - 11

Cost per conversion - $219

Average cost per click - $2.15

Impressions - 510K

Clicks - 1.93K


LinkedIn campaigns completed, although not many live demo requests ever came through LinkedIn - it is useful as remarketing and brand awareness.


Overall, I think the HIA print campaign was a success. This is the first time we at Ammo have experimented with print using a QR code to track conversions and interest. no doubt some people would have not used the QR code and instead followed the URL and contributed to direct traffic.

I think getting these print ads and editorials into Builder specific magazines in each country that Constructive wants to move into should be high on the marketing list as a viable channel for both brand awareness and traction. NZ Builder magazines could be next.

In our meeting on Wednesday let's discuss how Ammo can help Constructive going forward with marketing strategy, brand direction and the delivery of certain marketing actions.

Thanks Steph and James, looking forward to seeing you both!

Tasks Completed