Monthly Report

July 2021



For the month of June

3,671 website visitors pretty consistent on May in the 3,000s. Facebook Ads are still running at $5 per day but a lot of traffic and conversions is coming through organic social. Although volume is dropping quality is still good.

For the month of July

Again pretty consistent traffic wise - and up a little bit from PR 4,195 visits for the month. We did have some bot traffic on the 12th of July which created a bit of a spike. We are also starting to get some website traffic from the Beta App. Alpha participants must be doing a bit of research as they use and learn how to use the patch.


The subscriber list grew a bit over this time but signups have dropped off on the website. 29 in June and only 20 in July conversions down from 270 in May off the back of PR/Facebook.

49 conversions on the website for June/July with 69% being US and 62% on mobile.

- Facebook Referral – 34

- Direct - 12

- Google Ads (only $3, this is off at the moment)- 1

Facebook Ads brought in an additional 151 leads at $2.49 per lead.

In total - 200 additional email signups.


11 Referrals through the website June & July

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