Monthly Report

May 2021



5,396 website visitors up 30% on last month 4,176. This is due to Google Display

campaigns and the referral traffic we are getting from Facebook Campaigns.


The subscriber list grew by 1609 from Facebook 1,138 contacts were accounted

for in Mailchimp.

625 conversions on the website with 81% being US and 76% on mobile.

  • Facebook - 245
  • Google Organic – 207
  • Direct – 201
  • Google Ads - 10
  • Bing - 10
  • LinkedIn - 8
  • TechCrunch - 6


128 Referrals through the website this month April 1-30


Email Subscribers

Contacts rose from 8,562 subscribers to 10,348. Finally, we crossed over to our

goal. Most of these contacts came through Facebook Lead Ads. However, the

additional website traffic from the Podcast Ads and Google Display did increase


Facebook Campaigns

No doubt these are the best Facebook numbers and surge in acquisition we have

seen since 2019. Facebook had 1655 Leads for a CPA of $3 and total spend at

$4,959.97. Throughout the month we conducted a series of short tests on

content. Some of which are still running to gather more data.

Best Performing Ad/Ad Copy:

Google Display Ads – with HTML5

This month we tested HTML5 ads against a normal display as we expected in the

first week of the test, we found the acquisition cost to be 4-5 times cheaper than

normal display. This made us more comfortable with the $800 investment into

other HTML5 Ad formats, but it also proved that we can acquire through this

channel we just need to bring the cost down. Across the month we spent

$1,120.24 on Google Display with 10 leads at a CPA of $112.02. This is like the

costs we saw with LinkedIn and YouTube. However, I do believe the cost will go

down as the campaigns learn and our targeting gets better. At this stage, we are

only halfway there with the targeting we can do. This month we will look more

into this.

Website Tests

This month our web test was to build a new version of the home page to include

the Xploration station video trailer. As this video explains what humm does in a

concise manner we wanted to see if it would impact conversions, time on site

and if possible, get feedback from new customers/subscribers. So far, the results

are promising we had a 8-10% overall conversion rate on the site this month.

The beginning of the month we got off to a strong start at 25% which is a new

record! As we turned up Display and more lower quality traffic came through that

dropped to around 5-6%.

Tasks for the month ahead

  • Review targeting for Google Display Ads and look for new audiences.
  • Keep Facebook on and generate new gifs.
  • Get quote from Ryan to convert HTML5 into Facebook Ads format.
  • Tik Tok Ads when Alpha ads come – look into budget for testing.