Monthly Report

June 2021


Total Spend = $7,206.58
Leads = 32
Blended CAC = $225.20

Our new LinkedIn awareness campaigns are live - driving new audience traffic to the website. These ads contain fresh copy around trying icetana before employing more guards, while also using the best performing copy from our previous campaigns.

The designs are also different, focusing on icetana's three most basic and understandable deliverables: Location - anomaly identification - guard alert

We still have a problem with identifying direct attribution for all of our leads, particularly, through Typeform and Wistia. This can be solved by using a native wordpress form instead of Typeform and Wistia.

Let's discuss sharpening up the website into a pure sales and marketing tool and aligning our marketing activity for the next 12 months will the roll out of your new go to market plan.

icetana digital marketing performance spreadsheet

icetana Agency Analytics dashboard



Tasks Completed