Monthly Report

May 2022



Brand awareness campaigns month 1


Innovation managers - 10 clicks - average cost per click $23.54
Founders - 88 clicks - average cost per click $2.72
Managing directors - 75 clicks - average cost per click $3.19

Total Impressions - 70,534
Total spend - $713.87

Google remarketing

We had some trouble getting the remarketing ads approved for the first couple of weeks. Google is very particular about advertising blockchain products, from the copy in the ads to the copy on your website. These ads are up and running now and serve their purposes in brand awareness by remining those who have previously visited the Labrys website that you exist and they should come back for a second and third look. Burning the Labrys brand into their minds.

1,93K impressions - 1 click - average cost per click $1.86

Date range above is from May 4, when they finally became eligible.

Cheryl, I'd love to hear about Instagram and Twitter post engagement, page growth, DM's and so on. All of these channels work together to increase brand awareness with they key ingredient being consistency.

Website traffic

Referral from is one of the largest sources of traffic to the Labrys website.

799 new users visited your website from this goodfirms url.

New user sessions are up 68.84% with a total of 5,196 sessions this year, primarily from Australia, America and India.

May ideas

Facebook and Instagram remarketing using animated ads for stories.

Continue with LinkedIn targeted brand awareness ads and turn off innovation managers campaign due to low interest.

Get mailchimp monthly newsletter up and running. Invite all to follow Instagram and Twitter.

Fix Newsletter subscribe button on website.

Continue with monthly content creation for social channels - this is a long game and is all about consistency and whether the content is relevant to your customers and to attarcting talent by showing off Labrys company culture.



Tasks Completed