Monthly Report

April 2021


Google AdWords
1.18k clicks
50 website goal conversions across all destination and events

High website bounce rate across all channels except for direct

6 Wistia turnstile conversions

LinkedIn Ads

368 clicks
2k ad spend for March

Most popular ad creative and messaging with 48 clicks


Firstly, we need to go through the new website build and make sure the messaging and images are correct and that everyone who lands on the new website is channelled into performing a single conversion action that is tied to your north star metric. We're looking forward to seeing it.

The current website has a bounce rate of 81.05% across all channels. This needs to be fixed before expecting any marketing activity to begin converting traffic into paying customers. There is currently too may confusing buttons and goals and events setup that are not tied to our north star metric.

Let's bypass the website for now by using LinkedIn leads ads and a key recruitment outcomes document lead magnet ad campaign.

Tasks Completed