Monthly Report

October 2020


Metrics for October:

68 New contacts/mailing list subscribers added for the month

76 Launch Gust conversions - Entrepreneurs opening the Gust page

22 Perth Angels Member Website form applications - Potential Perth Angels members entering their details on the site.

13 Contact form enquiries - visitors who have sent Perth Angels a message on the site

19 LinkedIn Lead Form submissions

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Angel Investor Breakfast Overview - Data from Eventbrite

For the breakfast we had 85 paid orders and 137 registered attendees on Eventbrite. Gross sales totalled $9,074.81 with net sales after Eventbrite fees totally $8,510.39 which is good news as this would have covered most of the cost of the event.

Here's a bit of a breakdown on the sales by channel:

- LinkedIn Ads, Posts & Event - 10 orders - 1,213.55 in gross revenue
- Eventbrite Channels - 16 orders - 1,121.95 in gross revenue
- Email/Website - 59 orders - 6,739.31 in gross revenue

Breakdown by ticket type from Eventbrite:

Lead Form Campaign - Objective: Obtain contact details of potential Perth Angel Members at a target cost per acquisition of $50

19 Leads generated an ave. cost per lead of $45.45 for October. The campaign generated 11,255 impressions (7,149 Sept.) and 242 clicks/form opens (170 Sept.). For the first few weeks of October acquisition costs started to increase due to some maturing ad content. Over the last few weeks since we updated the content acquisition costs have started to come back down to the $35-40 mark again.

Annual Investor Breakfast Email Out to Perth Angels Community

- Initial email went out to members 39 active which is a segment made by the web team in London and was opened by 14 (36.8%) with 2 clicks (5.4%)
- Email to entire list / community excluding the members 1,546 recipients was opened by 373 (25.2%) and clicked by 76 (5.1%)
- Email to potential members 80 was opened by 29 (36.7%) and clicked by 8 (10%)

A resend will go out the next few days which will bring up the overall numbers. Resend stats:

- Members resent went out to 29 people was opened by 7 (25%) and clicked by 1 (3.6%)
- Entire Community/List resent to 1,160 people was opened by 113 (10.5%) and clicked by 26 (2.4%)
- Reminder to potential members sent to 50 people, opened by 6 (12.2%) and clicked by 3 (6.1%)

Open and click rates are in the typical range although we were expecting a higher follow through to tickets from existing members.

The second round of emails provided another touch point in addition to the messages our target audience was seeing from the LinkedIn Ads/Posts and Perth Angel affiliates.

LinkedIn Campaigns for the breakfast

  • Early bird campaign to Perth Owners/Founders/Csuite- 1,036 impressions, 19 clicks ($9.41 per click), Total spend $178.73
  • General Admission push to Perth Owners/Founders/Csuite - 2,407 impressions, 36 clicks ($8.61 per click), Total spend $310.07
  • Retargeting/Final days to website visitors and mailchimp list - 263 impressions, 10 clicks ($6.39 per click), Total spend $63.99

A side note on LinkedIn

  • Wilson's post performed really well for an organic one with a click-through-rate (CTR) of 35.44% about 10 times the average. That said, LinkedIn is also including the clicks on the document in that metric. Either way and engaging piece of content and one that could be replicated around other topics.

Tasks Completed

Remarketing Campaign Drafted - just needs billing to turn on
Updates made to the Lead form campaign with images from the breakfast
Graphics for Eventbrite and LinkedIn for the Annual Breakfast
EDMs for the upcoming breakfast to Members, Community and EOIs
Are you ready for investment website update