Monthly Report

May 2021


Facebook Ads

13 - leads from Facebook lead ads
Cost per lead - $28.31
797 - website traffic ad clicks
36 - remarketing ad clicks

Total Facebook spend $952.55

1 lead from the website (listen to a sample)


Lead acquisition has been slow since we are introducing a new product to cold leads after a lengthy period of inaction.

There has been a little more momentum in the last week for Facebook leads, with 13 leads to now follow-up with a sales phone call.

We recommend continuing to gather new leads via Facebook leads ads while activating your pre-existing mailchimp audience of 127 contacts with content to drive them towards requesting a call back to discuss creating a podcast for a loved one.

The website still needs continued tweaking to better turn it into a destination for successfully activating customers. So far, nearly all leads have come through Facebook lead ads.

Listening to a sample might not be exciting enough a proposition to exchange details on the website - particularly if the pricing was initially scaring them off.

Instead, we might try having a handful of samples, video and testimonials on the website - and change the CTA to 'request a call back' to further discuss putting together a podcast, pricing and so on. This request a call back might still trigger the mailchimp sample email - but the expectation is just a chat - not to start a project.

Tasks Completed