Monthly Report

July 2020


We saw two conversion this month through Google Search Ads. These were attributed to the keywords "Cloud storage providers" and "Perth IT services".

LinkedIn continues to contribute towards brand awareness and site traffic with 65,949 impressions and 231 clicks. These visitors are then reminded about SquareAlpha through Google remarketing. When they are ready to become a client, SquareAlpha will be front of mind.


With conversions that are directly attributable to marketing campaigns, we are able to work on reduction in the cost to convert. We believe that creating dedicated ad variations for the keywords that were responsible for conversions will make for a strong foundation.

Additionally, getting closer to the SquareAlpha sales team will help to accelerate the feedback loop and understand the customer's behaviour more intimately. We'd like to understand the touch points that the prospect comes in contact with before becoming a customer for next month.

Tasks Completed

Optimised adspend throughout the month.
Added to list of competitor keywords.
Created a new webpage to overview SquareAlpha's expertise.
Rearranged the expertise dropdown menu.