Frequently Asked Questions

What is growth marketing?

The process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most efficient way to grow your business.

How does growth marketing work?

In growth marketing you test channels up against each other and measure the results. The aim of the series of experiments that you run is to identify the most effective marketing channel.

What's the difference between growth marketing and digital marketing?

Digital marketing is focused on acquiring and activating customers online where growth marketing is concerned with your entire customer journey from start to finish.

Which marketing channel is best for my business?

We don’t know but we know how to find out. That is the beauty of growth marketing, through rapid experimentation you can identify what works so you can focus on what you do best.

How does Ammo help startups grow?

Through rapid experimentation and an ongoing marketing process Ammo helps startups by identifying the most cost effective and scalable channels for growth.

Why do you use pirate metrics?

Pirate metrics gives you an overview of your customer journey enabling the business to understand which points of the funnel are performing well and what areas need further consideration and optimisation.

How much does growth marketing cost?

It depends on what your business needs to grow. Ammo operates in two phases. Phase 1 is building the Growth Engine. This means identifying who your customers are and what they value, how your product or service solves their problem and setting up an automated marketing system with pirate metrics to analyse and optimise performance in future. Phase 2 is growing the Engine which focuses on running your marketing, improving performance and learning what your customers need.

Do you take equity in return for your services?

We are always open to discussing alternative payment methods in the past we have accepted equity, cryptocurrency and beer although our preference and yours should be in cash as this helps you prepare long term.

What is your team skillset?

We specialise in growth marketing which means we need to be ‘T-shaped’ and multidisciplinary to manage each stage of the customer journey from design to metrics. If you are looking for a specific marketing specialist i.e. videographer, we can put you in touch with one of our contacts in the industry.

What is Ammo best at?

Growth Marketing!

What sort of clients does Ammo work with?

Ammo works with all kinds of organisations who need help with growth marketing. Whether they are a large corporate or a humble startup our team is willing to help. Our preference is working with people right at the beginning of their project. That way we can get things set up right from the start, to avoid wasting time and money.

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