Growth marketing workshops

Get marketing confidence in half a day. Eliminate wasted time, money and effort on bad marketing. Clarify your strategy with the latest up to date tactics the best startups use.

“A nimble and agile approach in their marketing execution...”

Shahirah Gardner


“They encourage a crystallisation of ideas and a focus on the goals.”

Matt Henderson

New Me Surgery

“A great team that helped me expand my ideas.”

Ian Brown

Founder / Investor

“We walked away with full agreement and some great beer names as well!"

Daniel Burt

Golden West Brewing Co.

“Ammo quickly understood our business and our customer drivers.”

Matt Smith

MyPass Global

“There was a foundation there that gave us confidence.”

Kim Carroll


3 ways a growth marketing workshop will disrupt business as usual:

  • Results come first. With a metrics-focused marketing strategy, tactics are secondary. This means all marketing activities are aligned and held accountable to your business’ growth goals.

  • Establish team buy-in. By including all team members in creating your marketing strategy, we ensure a full diversity of thinking and ownership of outcomes.

  • Break the cycle. Stop ad-hoc marketing tactics distracting from your business goals. Help your team focus on what matters with a clear, actionable plan.

What you’ll get from a Growth Workshop:

Clearly defined customers to focus on, we’ll build a customer profile that will guide your marketing.

Customer journey map, laying out the process customers go through from becoming aware of your business to being paying customers.

Customer journey metrics, to structure your campaigns, measure the performance of each step of the customer journey and optimise results with Cost-Per-Acquisition vs Lifetime Value.

Growth strategy document, a nominated scribe records the specific actions, tactics and channels to implement after the session is complete.

What to expect

Every workshop is different and tailored to your business but here's an example agenda for what you can expect in your session.

Some businesses need brand clarity, others need a clear customer journey. We'll work with you to decide the best questions we can ask on the day to get you unstuck.

  • 1

    Discuss an overview of your product and the problem it solves for customers.

  • 2

    Overview of customer personas and clarification of target audience

  • 3

    Define Jobs-To-Be-Done story for your customers

  • 4

    Create a customer journey funnel (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral)

  • 5

    North Star Metric – the single best metric for tracking accumulated user value for your product or service

  • 6

    Assign tasks & resources needed to complete initiatives

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