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Hear thoughts, insights and learnings from the Ammo team through our daily work with high growth startups and innovative businesses.

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Marketing Automation is all About One Thing; Customers

Marketers are busy. So how do we avoid repetitive, manual tasks and messy data? Automation. With the proper planning and the right tools for your company, you can get your marketing time back, so you can work on the things humans are best at (and leave the rest to the machines). 🤖

PR for Startups

Being a founder isn't all about beer and skittles, but getting coverage in the news or industry media can help you build a strong brand and introduce your innovative business to a wide audience of potential customers. Attention from well-known media outlets serves as proof to your stakeholders, investors and team members that what you're building is legitimate and has real-world cut through.

Using Culture to Drive Business Growth

Business leaders discuss internal company culture and obsess over its importance. But how can we tap into pre-existing external cultures, and utilise them as a driver for Growth? Liam will take you through a number of his favourite case studies and show you what it takes if you want to build and grow your product for, and within, an existing culture or community.

Building a Minimum Viable Brand

Many startups make the mistake of over-investing in a brand before they've finished experimenting with their product. Others under-invest and deliver a messy, inconsistent and untrustworthy brand to their customers. Learn from Alex’s 10+ years of experience branding small businesses and startups. He outlines what you need (and don’t need) in your brand as you scale and grow.