We Understand Founders

We started Ammo to focus solely on innovative businesses like yours. We know the shorthand, we understand the needs, limitations and opportunities of startups and we're entrepreneurs ourselves.

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Cam Sinclair


With 15 years experience in running national marketing and PR campaigns, Cam founded Ammo in 2014 to combine his passion for tech startups with his marketing expertise. Cam is a hackathon junkie and has founded numerous startups.

Jack Hallam


Jack runs our Growth Workshops. When he is not facilitating, running campaigns and producing our podcast - Weird Growth he enjoys cooking, sports and finding the newest dive bar. Fun fact - Jack organises our annual party so you want to be on his nice list.

Liam Barden

Account Manager

A strong background in anthropology, psychology and cultural studies gives Liam a unique insight into the customer decision making process. Liam is our resident artist and literary genius which explains his uncanny ability to write copy that converts.

Alex Di Giovanni


Alex makes your brand look and feel good. When he's not designing for our clients or making over-the-top Ammo merch, he's launching his own brands, ranting on his podcast and creating meticulous Spotify playlists.

Trent Rachow


A young protegé in Perth's startup scene. Trent has been actively involved in the community, previously working in co-working spaces and running events. He is currently studying at UWA in Marketing and Management. Trent brings a fresh perspective to Ammo.

Kai Lovel


Kai builds automation and growth systems. A self-proclaimed geek, he spends his time mostly on a laptop, sometimes writing and occasionally on a good hike.