Growth Strategy Workshop

Get marketing confidence in half a day. Eliminate wasted time, money and effort on bad marketing. Clarify your strategy with the latest up to date tactics the best startups use.

Get absolute clarity on how to grow your business in a matter of hours

Ammo workshops share the wisdom of our experience gained from helping over 250 startups and businesses develop and implement their growth marketing strategy. Leverage our deep understanding of the tactics and strategies that work across various scenarios (and those that don’t) to secure your competitive advantage.

Clearly defined customers

Customer journey map

Customer journey metrics

Growth strategy document

What's Included

Borrowing from lean startup methodology, we take you through a quick and easy process to create the first version of your brand. We help you create a name, logo and other necessary elements you need to get your product or service in front of customers.

We skip the steps that drag branding projects out: meetings and feedback, multiple logo options, bloated teams of designers, creative directors and account managers. We've finished MVBs the same day we started them – you're moving fast and so are we.

We found Ammo's approach to be novel and effective. We spoke with other marketing firms previously and they offered similar and generic services like FB, PPC and SEO which wasn't what we wanted. Ammo understood what we needed almost straight away and have helped us strategise exactly how to implement our plan. They made our choice very easy.