Minimum Viable Brand

Things move quickly when you're in the innovation game. Many startups make the mistake of over-investing in a brand before they've finished experimenting with their product. Others under-invest and deliver a messy, inconsistent and untrustworthy brand to their customers. There's a better way to do it.

Lightweight, not underbaked

When creating a name or logo for their startup, founders often go to online freelancer marketplaces to get something made quickly. But the result is usually unsuitable for the unpredictable ways you need to use it. Not enough brand colours, bad and unscalable logo files, janky fonts, "iCompanyName" – we've seen it all.

We use world-class branding principles and strip out all the things you don't need (yet). The result is a lightweight brand that is built to grow without breaking. Something that your customers will love and trust that won't paint you into a corner when you need space to experiment.

Brand Naming


Colour Palette

Font Selection

Landing Page

Online Brand Guidelines

What's Included

Borrowing from lean startup methodology, we take you through a quick and easy process to create the first version of your brand. We help you create a name, logo and other necessary elements you need to get your product or service in front of customers.

We skip the steps that drag branding projects out: meetings and feedback, multiple logo options, bloated teams of designers, creative directors and account managers. We've finished MVBs the same day we started them – you're moving fast and so are we.

"We came into the Minimum Viable Brand workshop with no clear identity or brand direction in mind - within a matter of hours Ammo helped us identify and refine our entire brand and messaging. We're really happy with the results and it felt like they were on the same page as us throughout the entire process."

Chris Norman, Co-Founder of Common Fate