90 Day Sprints

Startups measure their runway in months, not years. They don't have the luxury of fuzzy goals, business-as-usual or unpredictable outcomes. We built the 90 Day Sprint so that startups can be nimble, focused and confident in their marketing tactics. For 90 days, we help you set a marketing goal, break it down into tactics and tasks for your team, and run experiments to help you find the perfect channels to reach your customers.

Set a goal and achieve it

Startups often feel like they're being pulled in a hundred directions. We help your team pick one goal to focus on for the next 3 months and get you tunnel-vision focused on achieving that goal. Every startup is different and their goals are too – we've helped supercharge lead generation, sell out in-person events and automate entire sales processes. We guide you through the process of identifying your game-changing goal, and work with your team to reach it.

Website Audit

Marketing Experiments & Campaigns

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Fortnightly Catch-Up

What's Included

We start every 90 Day Sprint with a website and customer journey audit so that you're getting correct data and insights. We then work with you to create marketing experiments to learn about your customer, how best to reach them and the best way to frame the solution to their problem.

Once you're talking to your customers, we help you optimise your sales process so that you don't lose contact with window-shoppers and over-deliver for your best customers.

Every 2 weeks, you'll meet with our team to review your progress, stay on track and pivot if necessary.

"The Ammo team are incredibly responsive, creative and laser-focused on performance. They had a fantastic understanding of our business in a very short space of time, whilst bringing a playbook of paid marketing experience across mobile app campaigns. Highly recommend Ammo's work and operating style."

Matt Ikin, Head of Growth & Partnerships At WeMoney