We exist to help founders grow great ideas into global businesses.



With 15 years experience in running national marketing and PR campaigns, Cam founded Ammo in 2014 to combine his passion for tech startups with his marketing expertise. Cam is a hackathon junkie and has founded numerous startups.

Jack Hallam

Growth Marketer

Ammo’s numbers guy. Jack’s marketing and accounting qualifications means he loves optimising digital marketing campaigns. He has previously worked at PwC and was a Team Leader at UWA’s local entrepreneurial co-working space Bloom.


Growth Marketer

A strong background in anthropology, psychology and cultural studies gives Liam a unique insight into the customer decision making process. Liam is our resident artist and literary genius which explains his uncanny ability to write copy that converts.


Growth Designer

With 10 years of design experience and at least 5 years of actually-being-good-at-design experience, Alex has the goods when it comes to the visual side of your brand. He handles everything from websites to company t-shirts and creates solutions with both looks and brains.

Ammo in the community

At Ammo we pride ourselves on not being like everybody else. We are:


We are an open-minded and adventurous bunch. Feedback is best given and received. Honesty and sense of humour go a long way. No BS.


We are committed to achieving for our customers, focusing on results with a conscientious approach and a getting-shit-done attitude.


We embody the growth mindset: a focus on self-improvement that starts with life and extends to work. We learn for fun and share our findings. Failure is not to be feared.


We're not fond of the status-quo; constantly challenging assumptions, working to improve it, and supporting our customers on the same journey.


We're multi-dimensional humans who love jamming about design, startups, culture and pirates.