We helped humm gain 2,590 Early-Access Sign Ups in 6 months. They have now secured over 3.1 million USD in venture capital.

What is humm?

Humm is a wearable patch that stimulates the brain with a small electric current. Humm promises to help its users remember more, focus more easily and multitask better. It's even pitched as an alternative to a cup of coffee, allowing a mental boost late in the day without the sleep disruption. Founded in Perth, the team is now based in Berkley, San Francisco where they continue to work with the best neuroscientists and engineers in the world on their product.

Why Ammo?

Applying growth metrics, Ammo helped Humm focus on what channels were working best for them to grow their customer base. This allowed the founders to focus on investment and leave the growing of their customer base to us.

We helped with:

  • Social Media Campaign Strategy
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Website / E-Commerce Store
  • Google Search Ads
  • Email Direct Marketing
  • Early Access Referral Campaign
  • Growth Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping