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62 leads in 3 months, and a New Sales Team to keep Up

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MyPass is a rapidly growing compliance and workforce management system with over 40,000 users from major industrial companies such as Santos, Siemens and Toll. MyPass approached Ammo to create a clear, targeted growth marketing strategy for their award-winning enterprise Software-as-a-Service product.

The Strategy

  • Strategy workshops

  • Customer persona creation

  • Customer journey design

  • Marketing action plan

Ammo ran growth strategy workshops with MyPass' remote team distributed across Australia. The workshops were run both in-person with other team members dialling in remotely.

Detailed customer personas were developed for key clients and decision makers to inform the motivations and incentives for using MyPass.

The result was an automated customer journey design, supported by a metrics funnel and a detailed marketing action plan.

The Landing Page

We created a simple landing page to direct traffic to so that the success of MyPass' digital marketing campaign could be assessed without distracting website visitors with the content on their existing homepage.

The Deliverables

  • Pay-per-click campaigns

  • Landing page creation

  • Remarketing

  • eBook lead magnet design

  • CRM integration

We created targeted pay-per-click ad campaigns to reach and inform specific individual decision makers, driving them towards taking the first step towards becoming a customer.

We built use-case specific landing pages with calls-to-action to educate with lead magnets and generate sales leads. We used remarketing to build brand-awareness with reminders for recent website visitors to come back and complete the call-to-action.

We also integrated a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with that connected to MyPass' new digital marketing infrastructure.

The Results

  • 62 leads in 3 months

  • New business development and sales team members to keep up with demand

MyPass' successful growth marketing journey has resulted in a significant increase in high-quality leads converting into a strong sales pipeline.

These results show the power of understanding your customer's motivations and building a clear, measurable journey that can be improved over time.

"We loved Ammo's ability to quickly understand our business and our customer drivers, and then determine the key actions/opportunities."

Matt Smith

CEO, MyPass Global

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