April 21, 2020

Building a side project in a day

Miles Burke


Miles Burke joined us to share the growth journey of 6Q which was indeed weird. They built the first version in a day and had over 1000 users to deal with in the morning.

Listen in to hear how 6Q went from a side-project to improving company culture for organisations of all sizes globally.


Meaningful employee surveys in minutes



Employee disengagement and turnover


SaaS business owners and Human Resources Directors

One big piece of advice                  

Spend time finding the ideal customer and understanding if your product can solve a problem for them. Once you’ve understood that you can solve a problem, make sure it’s a problem people are willing to pay to have solved. It’s better to have spent a few days talking to customers than developing something and figuring out that no one wants it.


(3:06) – 6Q: Improving employee engagement and increasing company culture

(5:54) – 6Q’s perfect customer: SaaS business owners and Human Resources Directors

(7:16) – Building 6Q’s MVP in a day and early growth

(9:32) – What draws customers to 6Q’s product: Obsessive focus on simplicity

(11:03) – How to decide on the product features to prioritise

(13:40) – The benefits of personal outreach: Interacting with your customers personally (Physical mail, calls, emails, etc.)

(15:39) – Building a scalable marketing program through content: Providing useful content for your target audience as a magnet

(20:20) – 6Q’s status and key measures of success (Churn, customer satisfaction)

(23:45) – Future plans for 6Q

(25:14) – Miles’ current side-projects: Software Guide and Guest Blog Posts

(28:12) – SEO’s current importance in the landscape of a huge diversity of digital marketing channels: One of many tools in the tool kit

(30:30) Perth’s early hip hop scene

(37:20) – The importance and benefits of meditation

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