April 28, 2023

Revolutionising the Checkout Experience

Josh Edis


Josh Edis, Co-founder of April has always been fascinated by how consumers interact with digital platforms and how brands can utilize the platforms to create more meaningful and impactful experiences between customers and brands.

Limepay has re-branded to APRIL and their vision has always come from a place driven by a desire to solve meaningful and impactful problems. April’s business model has been evolving from a transaction payment platform to looking like a software service or SaaS business.  


The problem that April aims to solve is the friction at the last mile of the customer experience, particularly at the checkout process. Some brands and financial institutions provide confusing and messy checkouts, which affects the overall customer experience.


The genesis of April is around moving the friction and bringing businesses closer to their customers by enabling amazing customer experiences. April is highly designed to be very friendly, configurable, and flexible while providing all underlying security standards.


One big piece of advice:

Make sure you're working in line with the best people, the best team, and the best culture who are there for the long hall.  


00:00 - Introduction  

02:29 - The business Josh would start today from scratch

04:18 - The problem April is solving  

08:15 - The customer process with brands  

10:40 - The early innovation days of technology – building your own checkout

13:09 - Josh's extensive career in tech  

13:55 - Banner ad campaigns for Seek with founder Andrew Bassett

17:20 - Building and launching successful search engines before Google conquered the world.

20:55 - Data privacy and breaches

27:49 - The paper vote, why not digital?

30:03 - The market respect you get in the United States

33:52 - Australians punch above their weight in the technology sector

36:45 - All Australian states have their attributes

42:04 - The checkout spaghetti - finding a solution

48:08 - Reaching Lime pay's first customers.  

49:06 - An Inertia problem to overcome

51:50 - Scaling the initial hustle

56:50 - Sometimes it's better to do less, than doing more

57:24 - Go-to-market strategies

01:01:40 - The rebrand from Limepay to April

01:06:00 - The future for April and the evolution of embedded finance

01:10:05 - Josh's one big piece of advice

01:13:30 - The importance of relationships and communication

01:14:20 - Show & tell

Show & Tell

iPhone 13 - WhatsApp, Calendar, Notes app.