November 10, 2022

Live from Perth Podcast Festival

Steve Knight & Megan Del Borrello

The Art of Comms & Behind the Brands

On this episode, we are coming to you live from Perth Podcast Festival. Hear from Megan Del Borrello and Steve Knight on the value communication can have when it comes to growing your business. These two advise executives, directors, and the next generation of entrepreneurs. There's so much to learn on this episode of Weird Growth.


Megan is solving - Helping female founders overcome challenges they face in building businesses, providing them with mentoring, programs, and support.  

Steve is solving – Executive level professionals not being good at communicating. He teaches them to change their mindset from ‘public speaking’ to ‘having conversations.’

One big piece of advice

From Megan - Build resilience, if you don’t have resilience, you are not cut out to be a founder

From Steve - You have to have such a passion and a hunger for what you want to do


00:00 - Introduction

04:40 - The businesses they would start today

05:35 - The problem Megan is solving  

06:26 - The problem Steve is solving  

08:00 - Finding the first customers

10:00 - Communicating well, now more than ever

11:39 - Uncertainty causes stress

11:50 - The new format of communicating

13:39 - Communication channels

14:10 - The reason why Weird Growth was started

15:30 - What founders can learn about the importance of communication

18:23 - What the best communicators do  

20:54 – The future of Behind the Brands

22:03 – What is Steve Knight going to do next?

23:45 – One big piece of advice from the guests

Show & Tell

- Behind the brand https://www.behindthebrands.com.au/

- The Art of comms: https://artofcomms.com/

- Slack: https://slack.com/intl/en-au

- Trello: https://trello.com/en

- iPhone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7qPAY9JqE4