February 21, 2020

The Kaleidoscopic Career of an Innovation Consultant

Chloe Constantinides

Founder, Director & Consultant

We caught up with Chloë Constantinides to discuss her interesting portfolio career as an Innovation Consultant that spans across Startups, Apps, SAAS products and eCommerce.

She’s taken over conferences, manufactured ethically sourced makeup brushes and worked with companies big and small on Innovation. Her biggest lesson experiment, experiment, experiment and she goes into why this is so important as a founder or anyone in business in this episode of Weird Growth.

Chloe – Innovation Consultant

Chloe works as a creative technologist and product manager with government, start-up, and corporate clients to design clever strategies, build better products, engage with emerging technology and to prepare for the future of work.

Chloe’s personal website: https://www.chloecon.com/

Current and past projects

Curtin Ignition - https://engage.curtin.edu.au/entrepreneurs/

UWA IQ Academy - https://www.innovation.uwa.edu.au/iq-academy

Functionly - https://www.functionly.com/

Kisanii - https://kisanii.co/password

Rateit - https://rateitapp.com/


First-time builders and innovators often have specific skills but lack the overall strategy needed to direct their innovation towards commercialisation


Governments, Start-ups, and Corporate Clients

One big piece of advice

Experiment with the knowledge that some things will work, and some things won’t, but you learn something important every time. The more things you throw out there, the more likely something is going to stick. Record, record, record (take in as much data as you can).


(3:23) – What Chloe loves about Innovation Consulting

(4:37) – Where Chloe’s passion for innovation and technology began

(6:43) – The usefulness of having basic digital skills to enable yourself to build a Minimum Viable Product without outside assistance

(8:27) – Chloe’s early involvement with Dapper Apps and wearing multiple hats

(9:44) – Chloe’s key learnings from Dapper Apps (the importance of validating ideas before building a full product (MVP, talking to customers, sprints)

- Don’t build without testing the idea

- Conduct customer interviews early to receive feedback

- Test what you can, if you can build it in an excel spreadsheet, do it

- Work in iterations (fortnightly sprints)

(12:17) – Kisanii – Chloe’s personal experiment to learn marketing: The benefit of learning through practical experience

(15:22) Functionly – Helping CEOs scale without breaking the organisation

(20:37) – Rateit – Customer experience optimisation for SaaS businesses

(23:45) – The importance of tailoring questions to the culture you’re operating in to ensure transparent feedback

(27:00) – Chloe’s future plans: The Kaleidoscopic Career

Show & Tell

https://www.ableton.com/en/ - Music production course