September 28, 2021

Navigate Sales, Optimize and Grow

Cian Brennan

Quantum Group

Cian gave us a great recap on how he started his business Quantum Contract Solutions and how he scaled through great business metrics.

Cian's approach to sales is a great blueprint for service businesses and B2B. If you love sales, you'll love this episode of Weird Growth. More links in the show notes.


Contractual superpowers for construction subcontractors



Information asymmetry and unequal risk-sharing in the construction industry


General Manager or CEO of a construction sub-contractor

Big pieces of advice

Revel in keeping your overheads low–think of this as the ‘cool’ standard.

Stop spending money on things like logos or website design that don’t really matter. Spend money on a business coach who has ‘been-there-done-that’ and can help you avoid all the mistakes you can make.

Spend enough such that it feels like too much and too expensive. When you have this feeling, it will drive you to do the work to get better.


(0:00) – Introduction

(2:07) – The business Cian would start if he were starting again today

(4:14) – A cultural comparison between Australia and Ireland

(7:00) – The genesis of Quantum Group: Solving information asymmetry in the construction industry

(13:26) – Cian’s first step to starting Quantum Group: Jumping in with two feet and activating the panic mode of no income

(15:20) – How a string of unsuccessful side hustles set-up Cian up for future success: Learning by doing

(17:40) – How Quantum Group connects with customers: Video brochures, Workshops, LinkedIn, and The 1-page marketing plan

(25:36) - How Quantum manages customer relationships (CRM) with Pipedrive and Google Sheets

(30:43) – Quantum Group’s dream customer: General Manager or CEO of a construction sub-contractor

(31:44) – The importance of thinking time and why Quantum chose Texas for International expansion: The Road Less Stupid and The Ultimate Blueprint by Keith Cunningham

(34:42) – The beauty of a business coach: Allan Dib

(37:40) – What the future holds for Quantum Group

(43:33) – How Quantum Group manages the need to grow with keeping overheads low

Show & Tell

The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business

The Road Less Stupid: Advice from the Chairman of the Board

Google Sheets