February 15, 2024

Identify & cut the cord early

Erin Bell

Co Connect

On this episode we have Erin Bell from Co-Connect, a workforce app designed to streamline complex communication, information, and emergency systems into a single, user-friendly platform. We'll uncover the pivotal moments that shaped the company, why Erin believes in the power of community involvement, and why cutting ties early can sometimes be the wisest move for growth. Erin shares how they grew Co-Connect, learn why you should apply for awards and whether you should be entering different lanes with your product/service.


Communication in mining workforces is very large-scale in complexity and always changing, an example is a worker trying to find their room at a mining site.


Co-Connect App provides all essential site & village information, manages emergencies, and creates amazing site experience with the app.

One big piece of advice:

Identify and cut the cord earlier, and get involved in thecommunity because it is easy to get lost in time – how can you help othersmore? The more inclined you are to help, it can also broaden your network.


  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (03:08) - The business Erin would start today
  • (04:33) - The problem co- connect is solving
  • (09:45) - How Co-Connect reached their very first customers
  • (12:38) - The moment Erin realised they were on to something
  • (16:58) - How they grew Co-Connect
  • (21:28) - Doing a whole re-build
  • (22:00) - Erin’s experience during Plus 8 Accelerator program
  • (25:10) - How to assess different lanes
  • (28:43) - WA Innovator of theYear
  • (31:33) - Process for applying for awards
  • (32:50) - One Big piece of advice
  • (34:46) - Show & tell

Show & tell

Co Connect

Zo Ho

Erin Bell