November 2, 2020

Constructive Advice on How to Grow Your Company

James Salt

Constructive Software

Constructive Software makes it much more enjoyable to build a house. When you build with Constructive you'll be able to stay up to date with build progress, select finishes, and visualise a tailored view of your home design in 3D.

The builder has control over the options for the homeowner making the process from start to finish more transparent and enjoyable for everyone involved. Founder James Salt originally from the UK, shares what it was like growing up in a family in the construction industry and why one summer they had a whole kitchen in their garage. Listen to how he bootstrapped his business from consulting to product and learn from the constructive advice he has to offer.


Improving the customer experience for house builders



A lack of transparency into costs for house builders


Building companies

One big piece of advice

Leverage your network and industry experience. Don’t be afraid to ask people for their time if your interests are aligned.


(0:00) – Introduction

(1:08) Constructive Software: Making the house building process more enjoyable

(3:30) – Why Building companies value Constructive Software: Providing better assurances to clients

(5:30) – The size of the market opportunity for new houses in Australia and Internationally

(9:20) – How COVID-19 has contributed to Constructive Software’s growth

(11:04) – James’ journey to starting Constructive Software and early Minimum Viable Product: The benefit of pre-validating your idea through direct experience

(14:27) - James’ advice to early-stage founders with an idea and problem they want to solve

(16:02) – How Constructive Software have scaled their marketing efforts: Building the courage to sell

(20:27) – Digital marketing channels that have worked for Constructive Software

(26:50) – Balancing product feature requests with company goals

(27:49) – What James would have done differently if he was starting again: External investment and delegation

(31:00) – The strangest way Constructive received a lead

Show & Tell

A physical notepad to-do list

https://gettingthingsdone.com/ - Getting ideas out of your mind