July 6, 2021

Find the bossy bitch within

Elsa Mitchell

Business Mentor

Elsa enjoys connecting with people and being her own bossy bitch. Great episode if you are just starting out in digital and looking to grow/get your content to the next level.

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Her first business was a hair salon which she started during the GFC, grew to solid client base, and sold it. Now, she mentors other business owners, especially in digital marketing, while also raising her family with her husband. You’ll often find them with their blended tribe of 4 kids refining their surf skills at Trigg Beach. Her 2 rules for business - 1) Be consistent and 2) Be a good human. Listen in to her from someone who has been through all the ups and downs of an entrepreneur and just some good of fashion honest advice with no sugar coating. *Language warning*


Business Mentors

https://elsamitchell.com.au/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/bossyb/     


Females in rural communities looking to scale their business

One big piece of advice

Outsource and delegate as much as you can: you can’t be an expert in everything. Don’t be afraid to pay for quality.


(0:00) – Introduction

(3:45) – What Elsa Mitchell is all about

(5:50) – The business Elsa would start from scratch today: Property Development

(6:50) – How growing up in the country has contributed to Elsa’s business success: The benefit of authentic community

(10:31) – Elsa’s business beginnings: Shunning the traditional path to join a hair salon

(12:42) – The biggest lesson from building a hair salon: Building authentic relationships with all stakeholders (clients and employees)

(14:06) – Elsa’s two rules for business: 1) Be consistent and 2), be a good human

(15:07) – The difficult decision of selling her hair salon

(19:02) – The death of blogging, Elsa’s transition from a services business to business mentoring, and Komo Digital

(25:02) – Elsa’s dream client: Females in rural communities looking to scale their business

(26:05) – The paradox of choice: If you try to do everything, you’ll end up doing nothing

(27:57) – Overcoming imposter syndrome: The importance of support

(29:57) – Why it’s trendy to have a side-business: Accessibility, affordability, and measurability

(32:26) - Outsource everything you can: Fiver

(36:50) – Instagram Reels: Instagram’s answer to Tik Tok

(40:04) – The relationship building platform: Instagram

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