May 26, 2022

Customers, praise be to them

Mihailo Bozic


Mihailo a.k.a “Michael Christmas” Bozic, CEO & Founder of Envited joined us for this episode of Weird Growth. Envited helps you create events for any social media in under 2 minutes.

What we like most about Envited so far is it is so lightweight and easy to use. Mihailo shares the non-scalable tactics he used to grow his meme page “Just Jedi Things” and now Envited which launched across the globe this week. Mihailo & Jordan Saddik raised a Seed Round with Galileo Ventures and now looking for their next round of funding to keep up with growth.


Only 2% of teens use Facebook. Therefore, Facebook Events cannot be a sustainable solution to social media events in the future. What will that platform look like? Envited is on the journey to find out.

One big piece of advice for Founders

Talk to customers. Super simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. If you have their phone number just call them. It’s so important as a founder to be close to your users. You need to know what users are frustrated with and what they love.


00:00 - Introduction

00:47 – Meet Michael Christmas

02:09 – The business Mihailo would start today

04:11 – How Envited built a prototype at TechStars startup weekend

05:32 – Growing a meme page – Just Jedi Things

07:30 – Why memes grow so fast

07:51 – A brief history of memes

08:23 – Harambe’s death was a turning point for memes & culture

10:31 – What running a meme page taught Mihailo Bozic about growth?

13:50 – Find early customers who will use your product when its crap

14:26 – Building in public

16:33 – What’s the biggest challenge for Envited right now?

19:19 – Raising 350K Seed over Zoom

23:14 – How Envited found their first team members

28:22 – Creativity is the most underrated skill to hire for

29:20 – What’s next for Envited?

30:07 – Mihailo’s one big piece of advice for founders

31:04 – The one thing Mihailo can’t live without – Dual Monitors

Show & Tell:

- Envited – https://www.envited.io/

- Galileo Ventures -  https://galileo.ventures/

- Earlywork – https://www.earlywork.co/

- Startmate - https://www.startmate.com/

- MSI Monitors - https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-MAG274QRF-QD

- Envited Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/envited.io/