November 30, 2023

Business is like an Ultra Marathon

Gabe Alves


In this episode, Gabe Alves discusses the challenges faced in asset management due to a lack of human engagement and introduces a unique solution, EXTAG. The software engages users by providing tags for locations or assets that can be scanned to collect and visualize data. Gabe shares insights into the mindset of founders, emphasizing the importance of thinking about the selling aspect early on. He suggests that validating a product through sales before its actual development can lead to better outcomes.


There was little human engagement with asset management.


Created software that engages with people differently, they provide tags that can be put on locations or assets. Which then can be scanned to collect data and be visualized.

Their one big piece of advice:

Most founders are product people who want to solve a problem, but they think about the selling part later. If you can sell a product and get validation before you have it, then it will be better.


  • (00:00) -Introduction
  • (04:17) - The stat of successful founders
  • (06:43) - Gabe’s Morning Startup talk
  • (08:27) - The most successful marketing strategy
  • (10:55) - The problem EXTAG is solving
  • (15:48) - The piece of tech they accidentally made
  • (22:10) - How they sell EXTAG to people
  • (26:13) - Other promoting strategies
  • (29:29) - What’s next for EXTAG
  • (32:00) - Sales process
  • (35:22) - Technology showcase
  • (42:09) - The biggest lesson Gabe has learned
  • (44:23) - One Big Piece of advice
  • (46:54) - Show & tell

Show & tell