January 19, 2023

How to find and learn from outstanding people

Scott Glew


Morning Startup host and Fastvue co-founder Scott Glew explains why every Australian startup founder should consider moving to the USA.

Fastvue does internet usage reporting that extracts details from your firewall to give you insight into keeping your network productive and safe. Scott’s global business has partnered with The Internet Watch Foundation in the UK who works to stop child sexual abuse online.

Problem: Online Firewalls do not have many options when it comes to reporting and gaining insights. Fastvue has helped to solve this issue.


00:00 - Introduction

02: 35 - His global company – reaching clients around the world.

03:17 - The problem Scott is solving

05:19 - How he found his first customers

07:12 - The moment he knew his product was going to work.  

08:10 - Find the key people to help you get in front of others.

10:50 - Do you need to move to the USA to pursue your business?

13:08 - Having the nice lifestyle – A successful business

14:19 - We were not trying to be a unicorn business

16:30 - Partnered with the internet watch foundation in the UK

19:00 - The beginning of Morning Startup

21:00 - Validate your idea

23:16 - The business Scott would start today from scratch.  

25:36 - The new GPT chat function

Show & tell

Fastvue - https://www.fastvue.co/

Simple note - https://simplenote.com/

Calendly - https://calendly.com/

Slack - https://slack.com/intl/en-in/

Loom - https://www.loom.com/home

The Arc Browser - https://thebrowser.company/