June 6, 2024

An Academic Approach to Growth

Stefan Prandl


We interviewed Stefan Prandl, Founder and Chief Technology Officer from Hyprfire at the Cyberwest Summit 2024. Hyprfire gives critical network events to the customers, so they know who or what is in their network. Stefan discusses the augmentation of generative AI and explains Zipf’s Laws in the context of fraud.


Busy IT teams are still facing breaches and do not know where their network gap is. Even with cybersecurity tools in place, this still leaves them wide open to being hacked.


Hyprfire adds an active and consistent threat hunting capability with managed NDR solution – Firebug. You are the first to know exactly who and what is on your network.

One big piece of advice:

Know the nature ofthe market you are trying to enter.


  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (03:39) – Fraud detection technology
  • (06:08) – The business Stefan would start today
  • (09:47) – Augmentation on generative AI
  • (15:45) – The use of AI tools in cybersecurity
  • (19:13) – The problem Hyprfire is solving
  • (25:10) – Finding their first customers
  • (31:16) – How it felt to go from a couple of customers to international
  • (32:05) – What Hyprfire did to grow
  • (38:30) – The bare minimum of checklists
  • (39:40) – One big piece of advice
  • (40:53) – Show & tell

Show & tell

  • Obsidian⁠
  • ⁠Hyprfire⁠
  • ⁠LM Studio⁠
  • ⁠Sam Altman AI Vision⁠