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Kai Lovel

My Funnel & Zipline

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Before he was 17, Kai had already left high school to work in startups, marketing and product. He’s got some wicked skills and he chooses to use them for good.

Find out how Kai has built products and grown audiences around them, including a story of a global Product Hunt launch. Learn more about how he does it on this episode of Weird Growth.


My Funnel


To understand what marketing channels, work for your business


Startup Founders

One big piece of advice

Understand why you are working on the idea. Whether you are just starting, or scaling go back to basics personally and forthat business. Play to your strengths. There are only so many things we can do as individuals to help. Lean into them.


(0:00) –Introduction

(2:05) – How Kai describes working at Ammo

(3:37) – What sweaty startup would Kai start today

(6:40) – Where the My Funnel idea came from

(13:43) – Developing the My Funnel MVP

(18:20) – How we got My Funnel ready for scale

(23:05) Testing with first customers                      

(25:55) – The key moments he shared with the audience before launch

(30:34) – How we launched My Funnel on product hunt

(37:44) – What’s Perth-for-Perth?

(42:18) – The Ted Talk when he was 14 years old

(47:20) – Kai’s lifehack for under $200

(48:47) – Use Luma to create an online space for your community

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