April 21, 2021

Sound advice for global growth

David Cannington


David has lived all over the world and spent years between San Francisco and Australia. His current day-to-day as the CMO for Nuheara is exciting but it's taken 7 years to become and overnight success.

As we know hardware is hard. However, David and the team have made it work packing a lot of software and complex technology into their award winning earbuds and now a partnership with HP. Hear more about their journey on this episode of Weird Growth.


Creating personalised hearing solutions that are multifunctional, accessible, and affordable to an underserviced global market



1 in 6 people have some degree of hearing loss, with 80% in the mild to moderate category—this market has been underserviced until now.


Those with hearing loss or impediments

Big pieces of advice

Stay focused on your customer. Learn as much as you can about your customer and why they buy your product.

Be as efficient as possible with your capital.

You can be competitive building a business in Perth.


(0:00) – Introduction

(2:09) – The business David Cannington would start if he was starting again: One where he could have enduring purpose and continue to impact people like Mark Anthony

(5:32) – David’s experience in San Francisco during the early 1990’s and 2000’s

(7:59) – The differences between San Francisco and Australia

(9:42) – How David and Justin met, and how Nuheara was born

(12:11) – The massive problem Nuheara is solving and how they’re doing it

(17:00) – The challenges of building a hardware business

(17:49) – How Nuheara found their first customers through Indiegogo and the snowball effect a successful crowdfunding campaign can have

(20:15) – Nuheara’s perfect customers and how they’re reaching them

(22:48) – How Nuheara uses customer personas to effectively target customers using digital marketing (Facebook and Google)

(27:00) – The lesson from Nuheara’s partnership with Wanderlust: Try and build as much control as you possibly can - you need to control the relationship with your customers. If you can sell direct to your customers, do it.

(27:53) – What’s on the horizon for Nuheara

(29:20) – Lessons from Nuheara’s partnership with Hewlett Packard: How do you approach a technology giant?

(31:01) – Approaching the inevitable ups and downs of being a founder: Staying balanced and measured

(31:59) – David’s cautionary tale on capital efficiency and why Perth has hidden advantages over Silicon Valley

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