August 2, 2023

Have a strong 'why' and do good with it

Kyle Turner


The average wait time for public dental health care is 2-3 years. Dr Kyle Turner created Pearlii to provide oral care for disadvantaged people.

The Pearlii app lets the user take a free photo of their teeth and will give feedback on any signs of dental issues. Pearlii has landed on product hunt multiple times including being number #9 for the product of 2020.  


35% of people rely on the public dental system in Sydney and Melbourne, the appointments are expensive and people are neglecting their dental health.



Pearlii is helping to solve this problem by having an AI algorithm which detects gum/teeth issues for free by taking a photo of your mouth. They are also working towards treatment via a dental treatment van.


One big piece of advice:

You must have a strong why behind your business and need to do some good with that why. Try to have a purpose-led business.  



00:00 - Introduction  

01:18 - The business Kyle would start today  

02:21 - The problem and solution Pearlii is giving  

04:50 - Good oral health  

05:50 - Reaching Pearlii’s first customers  

09:50 - Pearlii got on product hunt  

12:20 - The business model didn’t work  

15:15 - There are two sides of the coin for public health

16:19 - Kyle will be pissed if they don’t get the truck  

19:00 - People are more conscious of their health now  

19:55 - How to stand out in a busy market  

22:18 - The key to success for a product hunt launch  

25:40 - The next thing in the future for Pearlii  

27:40 - What made Kyle a better founder  

30:00 - Kyle's one big piece of advice  


Show & tell  

Kyle’s Dog – Brian the Mascot  

Product Hunt - https://www.producthunt.com/

Pearlii - https://www.pearlii.com/