May 12, 2022

The Karma Circle

Steve Grace

Nudge Group

Steve Grace, CEO & Founder of Nudge Group joined us for this episode of Weird Growth. Since 2019, they’ve experienced some rapid growth.

Nudge is now a global recruitment business for startups. Steve also has his own show “Give it a Nudge” and a high traffic content site for business owners, “Balance the grind”. Steve and his team know what it takes to build content, community and a talent network for the Startup Ecosystem. Steve shares top advice for Founders at all stages and how to come up with an attractive offering for the modern workforce.


Nudge Group help fast growing start-ups and scale-ups find talent, offering a bespoke and flexible pricing model to suit the needs of the company.

One big piece of advice for Founders

I think everyone needs to slow down a bit. There’s too much growth for growth’s sake. Don’t grow at all cost. I’d like to see more purposeful growth from Founders.


00:00 - Introduction

01:26 - What is Nudge?

03:14 - The business Steve would start today

04:06 - Scaling a service business vs a product business

06:17 - The Problem Nudge is solving

11:20 - How Nudge reached its first customers

13:08 - How content marketing helped Nudge

18:35 - Nudge’s key tactic to building an audience

19:31 - Be everywhere, be a part of the community.

24:17 - What Steve calls “The Karma circle”

27:01 - A massive push towards gamification

28:35 - Finding the right people for a start-up

30:25 - What founders can do to reach the best people

37:00 - What is next in the future?

39:19 - Steve’s One big piece of advice

41:48 - The difference between start-up and scale-up

42:38 - Apple watches & Soda Stream

Show & Tell:

- Nudge Group – https://thenudgegroup.com/

- Balance The Grind -  https://balancethegrind.co/

- Apple Watch - https://www.apple.com/au/watch/

- Soda Stream -  https://sodastream.com.au/