November 16, 2023

500,000 app downloads in Australia

Matt Ikin


Matt Ikin, Head of Growth and Partnerships at WeMoney, delves into the common struggles people face with credit scores, status, and relationships. WeMoney offers clarity by consolidating finances into one accessible platform. Matt shares valuable advice, emphasizing meticulous tracking, mindset optimization in recruitment, and honest self-evaluation. The episode covers WeMoney's growth journey, from 500,000 downloads in Australia to practical activities for brand growth and team development. Discussions touch on credit scores, customer outreach challenges, growth tactics like influencers and user-generated content (UGC), the impact of TikTok, and the power of partnerships.


People struggle with their credit score, status, belonging, and relationships – finance tends to be at the core of these issues.


WeMoney gives them clarity and confidence surrounding their finance. The platforms collate all their finances and debts into one place.

Their one big piece of advice:

Track absolutely everything, optimise for mindset when you recruit, and in a fair way be really harsh on yourself on the results you are delivering. You will look back and seethe moments of magic. Be really honest, and have an ultimate focus on doing things that help deliver your outcome.


  • (00:00)- Introduction
  • (01:35) - 500,000 downloads in Australia or 5 MCGs
  • (04:02) - The business Matt would start today
  • (05:20) - Importance of credit scores
  • (09:20) - The problem We Money is solving
  • (11:15) - Reaching their first customers
  • (15:40) - Surveying non-users
  • (17:08) - Practical activities to grow their brand
  • (20:00) - Growing a growth team
  • (24:10) - Identifying a growth mindset individual
  • (30:42) - Growth tactic of influencers
  • (32:44) - Two ways to use user-generated content
  • (36:12) - How people are using TikTok
  • (41:11) - The importance of partnerships
  • (42:45) - Why has Cashback taken off
  • (44:14) - Helping members access better financial products
  • (47:16) - We Money’s awards program
  • (51:50) - What’s next for We Money
  • (53:00) - One big piece of advice
  • (54:25) - Show & tell

Show & tell