June 3, 2021

Money talks: Growing Fintechs, investing and helping the next generation

Dan Jovevski


WeMoney helps Young Australians take control of their finances giving them a 360 view of their money. Through education and a brilliant mobile app, WeMoney is on track to be a success. How did they get to this point? Listen and you'll find out along with some great growth marketing, money and startup tips.


Financial wellness app



Having a complete picture of your money


Jasmine the jaded, Harry the hopeful, and Paula the perfectionist (Hint: skip to 59:26)

One big piece of advice

Speak to people—especially other founders who are on the same journey. You don’t know where or when amazing feedback or ideas will come, and it often comes from a conversation.


(0:00) – Introduction

(2:15) – The business Dan would start today: Food sustainability

(4:04) – What drew Dan to finance in the beginning of his career

(6:35) – Dan’s motivation for starting Switch My Loan (now Pioneer Credit)

(11:20) – Finding first customers for Switch My Loan

(14:05) – How Switch My Loan scaled their mortgage origination process and doing things that don’t scale

(17:32) – Using unconventional press relations tactics to fuel growth

(20:25) – The difficulty of executing a successful PR campaign: Understanding your customers intimately

(23:00) YouTube is the new TV: How traditional media has become fractured

(24:20) – The sale of Switch My Loan

(27:32) – Dan’s consulting journey and the learnings from being on the other side of the fence at a family office

(30:19) – The X-Factor when investing in founders: Resilience and ambition to win

(34:02) – The benefit of being a serial entrepreneur when fundraising

(36:17) – The importance of having a mentor and how to find one

(39:16) – The catalyst for starting WeMoney: Helping people live their best financial lives

(44:23) The new paradigm of money resulting from the global financial crisis

(48:30) – How WeMoney launched in stealth mode and found their first customers

(51:46) – The core channels WeMoney uses to reach customers: PR, paid advertising, and referrals

(55:29) – The tactics WeMoney uses to land effective (Hint: Source Bottle) PR campaigns and importance of making it easy for journalists

(59:26) – WeMoney’s perfect customers and building effective customer persona’s (Jasmine the jaded, Harry the hopeful, Paula the perfectionist)

(1:02:32) – What’s on the horizon for WeMoney

Show & Tell

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