March 15, 2024

Learn to sell like a pro

Harriet Mellor

Your Sales Co

On this episode, we have Harriet Mellor from Your Sales Co, who works with clients to support and improve their sales teams. They can identify in 30 minutes the sales teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Hear valuable insights on using your business data to make better decision-making decisions in your business. We discuss the yin and yang between marketing and sales, and the art of building an effective network including LinkedIn.


People don’t know how to sell or enable their team to sell, the teams are under performing.


Your Sales Co can identify your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses in 30 minutes. They solve problems that their clients don’t even know exist.

One big piece of advice:

Take the data youare getting from your entire business and make decisions based on that datathat is progressing. There is so much data within our business, you can applyit across your business.  


  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (03:37) - Why people turn away from sales
  • (05:57) - How to deal with people (McDonalds experience)
  • (08:55) - Relationship between Marketing and Sales
  • (10:45) - How successful tech businesses have scaled their sales process
  • (13:39) - Sales metrics to consider early on
  • (14:35) - Advice on how to build your network
  • (17:08) - Tips for LinkedIn networks
  • (18:08) - Problem Your Sales Co is solving
  • (20:00) - Are the tools the problem?
  • (22:06) - System of selling
  • (24:18) – Rules of thumb for cold outreach
  • (28:14) – What to look for when hiring a sales person
  • (33:12) – What tookHarriet to take a leap (Her Day Spa!)
  • (37:13) – Common trait in entrepreneurs
  • (37:44) – What is next for Your Sales Co
  • (32:50) - One Big piece of advice
  • (34:46) - Show & tell

Show & tell

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