September 1, 2023

Catching Waves to 4M Users

Kevin Garber


Serial entrepreneur Kevin Garber discusses the challenges of finding the right idea and solving problems for startups. He emphasizes that overthinking ideas can hinder progress and suggests that building upon existing concepts can lead to success. He shares insights from his entrepreneurial journey, including his experiences with Managed Flitter, a social media app. Kevin highlights the importance of adapting to changes and finding ways to provide value in the startup world. The episode delves into his current venture, Zlinky, a mobile and web app focused on bookmark and image organization. The conversation touches on the thrill of entrepreneurship, learning from failures, and the rewarding feeling of making a positive impact.


As huge content consumers there was a lack of tooling around storing and organising these links.


Zlinky helps to store and organise all your saved links including bookmarks, articles, videos etc into one place.

Their one big piece of advice:

Keep learning and pulling all the different levers, and try not to compare yourself to others in the tech press. Sometimes it's very easy to think everyone is crushing it very easily, which is not the case.


  • (00:00) – Introduction 
  • (04:02) – The business Kevin would start today
  • (07:24) – The lead-up to launching ManageFlitter
  • (16:13) – What led the business to taking off
  • (17:44) – Tips on how to build something or find a solution for a problem
  • (19:24) – What's happened with Twitter (X)?
  • (24:00) – The stressful decision
  • (26:12) – The problem Zlinky is solving
  • (31:00) – Reaching Zlinky's first customers
  • (33:20) – How they collect feedback
  • (36:05) – What's next for Zlinky
  • (37:00) – Entrepreneurship is..
  • (38:44) – Kevin's one big piece of advice

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