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Constructive software is a home building software platform that allows clients to stay up to date with build progress, select beautiful finishes and visualise a tailored view of their home design in stunning 3D. Constructive Software approached Ammo to take care of their growth marketing strategy, generate leads and help take their business global.

The Strategy

  • Define product messaging across website and creative

  • Experiment with brand and performance marketing across channels

  • Ongoing strategic growth management

Ammo helped constructive define the why, what and how of their product across their website and creative to help them speak clearly to their customers about the value and benefits of their software.

We created AdWords and LinkedIn campaigns to drive targeted traffic to a landing page we designed in order to drive a specific conversion action – Request Live Demo.

Monthly strategic growth management and detailed attention to improving Constructive Software’s benchmarks, month-on-month, has resulted in Constructive achieving near total market saturation in WA which has allowed them to move onto the East Coast, New Zealand and eventually, Global.


We helped Constructive not only define their messaging but also re-wire their website so all calls-to-action lead to the Request Live Demo page. We designed the customer journey to be as seamless as possible with valuable check points along the journey to driving our main lead conversion of requesting a live demo of Constructive Software.

The Deliverables

  • Ongoing strategic growth management

  • Define product messaging across website and creative

  • Website design direction

  • Pricing page design

  • Landing page design

  • Customer journey design

  • Social post creative

  • Magazine advertisement design

  • Pay-per-click campaigns

The goal of Constructive's marketing campaign was to clarify their message, and create consistency across their website, social media and advertising.

Because Constructive were selling software, not services, they needed to provide their customers with as much information as possible so that they could confidently sign-up for the product. We created a pricing page and gave Constructive pricing guidance, so that they could save time on face-to-face sales by answering customer questions directly on the website.

We found that specialist magazines, like HIA Builders, were one of the easiest places to get Constructive in front of their target customer. Instead of overspending on online marketing, we helped Constructive speak directly to customers through print media.

The Results

  • 634 + leads

  • WA market saturation

  • Shift of marketing efforts and strategy to the East Coast, New Zealand and Global

  • Ongoing strategic relationship

Our growth strategy and multichannel marketing efforts combined with Constructive Software’s strong market demand, has led to over 700% growth in just over a year.

With Ammo’s continual strategic support, Constructive Software plans to keep growing across Australia, New Zealand and Globally.

"Being a start-up business, we needed to make the jump from "word-of-mouth" to actual marketing. Over the course of the last year, Ammo has provided a great service in terms of assisting us in getting a more formal growth strategy in place with some measurable deliverables."

James Salt

CEO, Constructive