Launching a new ASX trading policy app with a fresh brand and website

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Drawbridge is a new app developed and used by ASX-listed cryptocurrency fund DigitalX who engages Ammo to run growth marketing campaigns. DigitalX asked Ammo to create a fresh brand, name and website to launch their new Drawbridge app, a tool used by ASX-listed companies to safeguard their reputation and eliminate governance risk by digitising their securities trading policy for directors and staff.

The Strategy

  • Build trust with effective branding

  • Experiment with brand and performance marketing across channels

  • Ongoing strategic growth management

A minimum viable brand (MVB) and a new name was needed to help DigitalX’s development team to build the app interface, and to provide a foundation for the website and digital marketing.

Ammo ran a brand workshop for the team and landed on the ‘Drawbridge’ name for the new app. We were then able to create a simple, practical brand which savedDigitalX the need to engage expensive agencies.

We believe early-stage tech products usually only need a minimal brand which is clean and simple to provide all the elements required for launch.

Minimum Viable Brand

Startups need to hit ground running, but this often leads to underbaked brands and bad logo files that aren't flexible enough for web, app and print applications. We created the Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) package specifically with startups in mind. With an MVB, Drawbridge was able to launch their new idea and create app designs quickly and easily.

The Deliverables

  • Minimum Viable Brand

  • Landing page design

  • Print advertisement design

  • Google search ad campaign

  • Targeted LinkedIn lead generation campaign

We created a minimum viable brand for Drawbridge, which included naming the product, creating a logo, colour scheme and selecting typefaces.

We also created a landing page to push traffic to from digital and physical marketing campaigns in newspapers, on Google and on LinkedIn.


We selected specific channels where Drawbridge's ideal customer could be found (in this case, LinkedIn and print ads in Financial newspapers). We then created ads centred around the key value proposition – protecting your company from the embarrassing headlines (and lawsuits) that come with securities trading violations.

To GRow?

62 leads in 3 months, and a New Sales Team to keep Up

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