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Matt Henderson is a bariatric surgeon who engaged Ammo to create a brand and community that provides the best, pre- and post-operative care and support to his patients and people struggling with weight loss across Australia.

Together, we created New Me, a brand that reflected his drive to help people succeed in their weight loss journey beyond their initial surgery. We also built a custom website, set up automations, digital marketing campaigns and coordinated the gathering of the right experts for illustration, merchandise and community driven growth.

The Strategy

  • Create a 21st-century experience when it comes to patient care

  • Differentiate New Me from traditional medical practices

  • Connect New Me to the wider pre- and post-surgery weight loss community

Because most patients struggle to differentiate good surgery work from great surgery work, we knew that the pre- and post-surgery experience was where we needed to signal Matt's commitment to sustainable weight-loss outcomes for his patients. From researching existing communities online, we learned that customer service, emotional and psychological support, and bedside manner were the things patients remembered, rather than the surgeon's ability with a scalpel.

Through ongoing discussions with Matt, we also learned that many weight-loss surgery patients gain the weight back after a few years because the initial cause of the weight loss was never addressed: psychologically and emotionally informed habits that led to unhealthy lifestyles.

Following these insights, we worked with Matt to focus on the elements of the surgery experience that patients would notice and love – brand, customer experience and community-driven lifestyle changes to keep the weight off for good.

Being Different

In a crowded and risk-averse market, we saw a big opportunity to zag while the competition was zigging. The New Me website looks and feels unlike any other medical practice website. By focusing on people, success stories and the approachable, modern customer experience consumers have come to expect, New Me has carved out a niche for itself that other surgeries are unable to challenge.

The Deliverables

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Community Infrastructure Creation

  • Brand and Medical Illustrations

  • Brand Photography

  • Mailing List Creation & Automation

  • Virtual CMO services

  • Google Search Ads

Most medical practices have sterile, outdated brand identities: blue and white websites filled stock images of people in lab coats and unnerving smiles. With New Me, we discovered early on that there was an opportunity to create a colourful, human brand that speaks directly to future patients in an approachable way.

We created a brand identity and website that looks radically different from the competition, and shaped a patient experience filled with delightful and memorable moments. Welcome packs, post-surgery photo shoots, workout playlists and online community platforms give New Me patients the best chance to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

We also integrated technology and existing apps into the pre- and post-operative experience, so that New Me patients feel supported and understood every step of the way.

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Dr Matt Henderson

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon MBChB, FRACS


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Advertising medical procedures online can be tricky, but through understanding the customer journey, we found the right channel for New Me to acquire new patients for a fraction of their lifetime customer value. 

By sending them to a signup form with a compelling weight loss calculator tool, we've generated more than 340 leads and built a strong mailing list for future community growth.

"The guys are focused and insightful. They encourage a crystallisation of ideas and a focus on the goals. Ammo are very approachable and easy to work alongside."

Matt Henderson

New Me

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